2012 saw Barclaycard’s 4th year as headline sponsor of The Barclaycard Wireless Festival. Building on the success of previous years, Barclaycard activated this exciting sponsorship property through a number of distinct channels in order to engage and interact with its target demographic and align itself with the broader Barclaycard group strategy of leading innovators in payment moments.

  • PayBand - a custom designed silicon wristband with built-in contactless payment technology, connected to the users bank account (with auto top up), tailored for live events and RFID enabled, for use across the festival.
  • Barclaycard Unwind Stage - a high-end Trispan structure with video screen hosting the latest upcoming acts in a branded environment that engaged with both consumers and artists.
  • Barclaycard Unwind TV - a fully functioning festival TV channel, taking full advantage of valuable event screen time to engage the audience with interviews, competitions and branded content.
  • Unwind Lounge - A premium hospitality program designed to host valued customers, VIP’s and talent. 

What was the brief?

  • To create emotional engagement with the brand for both customers and non-customers.
  • To drive awareness of contactless and establish Barclaycard as “innovators in payment experiences”.
  • To make Barclaycard an integral payment provider within the festival environment that enables attendees to experience the ease of contactless payments across every merchant.
  • To enable VIP B2B engagement in a premium hospitality environment, mixing in media coverage of high profile and celebrity guests.
  • To promote brand awareness within Barclaycard’s core demographic, in particular, Unwind Barclaycard’s music platform in a relevant, engaging context.

What type of event activity was implemented and activated?


Distribution of Payment & Experiential Wristbands (PayBands). Barclaycard PayBand application for all ticket holders through targeted emails and the festival website. PayBand users were incentivised to link their PayBands to their personal Facebook account with the chance to win VIP ticket upgrades. Buzz & WOM excitement was ignited when PayBands were posted in premium boxes along with free festival goodies that hailed the PayBand as a must-have festival item.

At the Event 

  • Onsite benefits and rewards for PayBand users such as a dedicated fast track entrance and luxury toilets. 
  • The Barclaycard Unwind Perk Park provided a concentrated area for Barclaycard PayBand customers where they could relax, pick DJ tracks and claim their free festival gift. 
  • A PayBand activated photo booth gave guests the chance to record their festival moments and provided another positive Barclaycard 'payment' moment.
  • All merchants were contactless enabled to enable Payband payments across the site. 
  • Barclaycard delivered a premium hospitality area over 3 times bigger than that of previous years, three days of continuous TV programming and the Barclaycard Unwind stage.

    What did the event achieve?

    Business Hosting

    • Over 200 business clients and prospects entertained across the weekend
    • 100% of attendees guest satisfaction as excellent/Good
    • 68% of attendees believed the event strengthened their relationship with Barclaycard
    • No negative comments from attendees

    Consumer Engagement

    • Over 77k organic views of Barclaycard Unwind TV branded content 
    • Barclaycard Unwind branded artist interviews pulled through directly from Barclaycard YouTube channel for use by online news channels (mail online etc.)

    Barclaycard PayBand

    The 2012 festival delivered on all key objectives and saw PayBand registration, application and first time usage exceed expectations.

    • The festival environment and pre event comms provided an ideal platform for customers to engage in new payment technology and to trial in a secure and informed arena. 
    • The touchscreen survey questions in the Perk Park added another opportunity to secure valuable customer feedback on their payment and festival experience. 
    • For the first time, Barclaycard linked a financial product to its social media strategy with impressive and overwhelmingly positive results. 
    • Full co-operation and engagement from all merchants (70) onsite
    • 95% of PayBands were activated before the festival and a staggering 92% went on to use PayBand at the event.

    Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 delivered the UK's first ever fully contactless festival through the unique and innovative evolution in the way that it approached leveraging its sponsorship programme, for which it was recognised as the ‘Best Brand Event Strategy at a Music Event in 2012’ at the Brand Event Awards.