TOUR 2014


In 2014 Coca-Cola wanted to go bigger and better with their Share a Coke campaign. There were two sides to the activation, a main regional tour and a tour that went to supermarkets and shopping centers all around the country.

For the main tour we took an off the shelf dismountable expandable trailer and completely re-designed the interior turning it into a Share a Coke pop up store that allowed consumers to customize a bottle with any name of their choosing. Whilst in the queue consumers relayed their names to the printers via wireless tablets. Once at the front of the queue the consumers were directed to their reveal point. The bottles were then revealed to consumers via a very theatrical pop up system that also included a lighting system that illuminated the bottle and the reveal climax.

Once the customer had their bottle in hand they were invited to share it with their friends via social media at a custom photo point superimposing them in front of the famous Piccadilly Circus sign that displayed a scrolling version of their name on the giant screen. Once their photo was shared they were free to relax and enjoy an ice-cold coke on at the rooftop bar. 

Share A Coke Render England UK HEART design
Share A Coke HEART design
Share A Coke UK England HEART design